Equality Diversity & Inclusion

VOILAb commitment to a fairer society for all

It is widely recognised that society needs to make a major step-up in embracing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) values. This is challenging because it requires a step change within the time frame of a single generation. We need to reflect on the differences between the values that we have absorbed from the environment in which we have lived, and the values that we aspire to. Furthermore, ED&I are fragile values that need to be continually nursed, particularly at times of crisis such as war and extreme poverty. We now live in the exciting time when there is a strong driver for change, this gives the opportunity to shape a new path, and make a substantial impact toward a fairer and more productive society that empowers all individuals. 

The process of embracing, nursing and fostering ED&I values requires reconsidering behaviours and practices, carefully but courageously. At times, one might have the temptation to believe that change has gone too far, but a cross-generation prospective suggests that the society is still due to change beyond imagination. Therefore, we should not only aim for a major step change in the contemporary society, but pave the way and give direction to a long-term cross-generation societal change. 

Fostering ED&I values is a personal responsibility that increases with the level of influence of the individuals. Within VOILAb, we aim to lead by example by proactively affirming, embracing, protecting, and promoting ED&I values. We do so, for example, by establishing a diverse team of world-class researchers and collaborators, ensuring equal opportunities for growth, and establishing an inclusive and empowering environment. With our work, we aim to showcase the power of diversity, promote role models, fight stereotypes, and inspire new generations to further shape society towards a fair society for all.