Images and videos

This is a collection of images and videos of our work, aimed at inspiring a new generation of scientists and engineers. 

CFD simulation of a flexible foil performed in 2023 by Research Associate Dr Yabin Liu for the project Morphing Blades. Simulations are performed with OpenFOAM and Calculix.

CFD simulation of a tidal turbine performed for the Morphing Blades project in 2022 with Riccardo Broglia and Antonio Posa at Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy.

Morphing blades tested on a model-scale tidal turbine in the University of Edinburgh's FloWave facility by PhD student Gabriele Pisetta in 2021.

A short video showing the research undertaken by VOILAb in the first few months of the Covid pandemic in 2020.

Particle image velocimetry measurements of the flow around a pitching foil. Tests were performed in 2019 at the laboratory of Dr Karen Mullener at the EPFL by PhD VOILAb PhD student Shūji Ōtomo

The separated vortex ring of the dandelion

The separated vortex ring of the dandelion seed, photographed by Research Associate Dr Cathal Cummins in 2018.

A brief summary of VOILAb research in 2017.

CFD simulation of a flexible foil downstream of a cylinder pair. The video shows contours of vorticity and was made by Prof. Viola's PhD student Emmanuel Falagkari in 2016. 

Towing tank test of an Open 60 class yacht at Newcastle University. Undergraduate project of George Yeoman, supervised by Prof. VIOLA in 2013.

Video of a model of the skiff Aura tested in the Newcastle University's towing tank. Video made in 2012 by Prof. Viola's Master students Joshua Enlander and Hamish Adamson.

CFD simulations of a IACC version 5 yacht in regular head waves designed by Team New Zealand for the 33rd America's Cup. Simulations are performed with Star-CCM+ by Prof. Viola when he was Postdoctoral Fellow at the Yacht Research Unit at the University of Auckland in 2009.

CFD simulation of the Luna Rossa yacht, challenger of the 32nd America's Cup

CFD simulation of the Luna Rossa yacht, challenger of the 32nd America's Cup. The simulation was performed by Prof. Viola during his PhD in 2008 using Ansys Fluent. This was the first CFD simulation ever performed with more than one billion cells and a commercial software.